Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hot Sunday

Bank sign read 95 again today. I don't think it's stuck either.
The old hairy legs still had plenty of yesterday's century in 'em this morning. Moving was not what they wanted to do. Fortunately I still have some persuasive powers, over my body. I do have to compromise, bargain and deal, though, (you know sort of like a marriage) to get what I need. Today's compromise was to go slow. Hmmm, that was yesterday's compromise too. I'm not sure that's fair.
It was  another beautiful mid-summer day, with plenty of hazy sun, temps in the 90's and humidity that completely drained the water bottles.
Lush green fields, lakes filled to their shores and trees reaching their leaf laden branches out to a cloudless sky is what I rode with today. Just gorgeous! 50/17.3


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the Pics, guess I can't go north anymore to cool off.

tainterturtles said...

It was very warm yesterday and I'm glad you still had the spunk to ride despite your century ride on Saturday. Some cooler days are coming....