Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Friends And Rides

Just a fantastic weekend of riding. Got out today with 7 or 8 friends. Cool, sunny, very pink, tons of fun and two cups of hot chocolate afterwards. As I was sitting, post ride, enjoying my hot chocolate I got that wonderful old familiar feeling, I WANT TO RIDE SOME MORE. So out I go again and did 4 lakes. Heaven! 43/18.0 and 15/15.0

The Grand Kidos in their Halloween costumes tonight. Kelsey (6) Bryson (3) Elijah (7)

Taylor in her costume as a lady bug
and in her new mode of transportation that her dad and I put together (only a few parts left over). She doesn't fit in regular strollers or car seats, or regular wagons for that matter. This is the only wagon made that she fits in. It's 23 inches wide, and has 6 count 'em 6 cup holders.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lazy Saturday

This was a ride of avoidance, finding it easy to talk ourselves out of hills and any hard work. We even shaved off a few miles. Yeah, we didn't quite achieve Hanover. It was mentioned, albeit for only a moment, that there might be some friends that would come and pick us up from Delano. But Delano is where it started to get easier, if that was possible, because of the tailwind. We even talked ourselves out of Christmas Lake Hill and Purgatory Creek ravine.
Gorgeous blue skies, and you know, we were riding road bikes at the end of October, on dry smooth roads, with temps in the mid 40's. How could anyone complain about that?
It is getting a little scary. We were riding our matching bikes in our matching pink jerseys (I am man enough and hairy/furry enough to wear pink), and reminiscing about rides we'd done in years past.
Riding a bike is great, I'll never stop. Riding a bike with a good friend.... no words. 76/18.2

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Rest Day

Three lakes on a cool Friday evening. 11/13.1

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barely Riding

Wow, I really needed that ride. It felt so good to be back on the road bike and get a good 30 miler in. The old hairy body was cheering, even the cold toes weren't complaining. I guess I'm not quite ready for 20 mile weekdays yet. Weekend is looking very nice. I'll be in pink. 30/16.9

Don't worry no full moon tonight, but if the tights had given out it would've gotten ugly.

Stopped by and saw Taylor this morning. Even though there's no smile here, she was in great spirits...very content. We won't know any more for a month. It looks like she'll get the cast off before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Day For Soup

A little less wind, but a little more cold. This was quite the storm. The noise from the wind last night woke me up several times. I never lost power, but many in the Twin Cities did. Rode in it again, the Evil One performed well. Sun has been promised for tomorrow. 20/16.2

Tom's Split Pea Soup Pre-ride
Tom's Rolls Pre-ride
Tom's Split Pea Soup Post Ride
Tom's Rolls Post Ride
Tom's Split Pea Soup Post Shower Pre-consumption
Tom's Rolls Post Shower Fresh Out of The Oven
Perfect after a cold, wet, windy ride.

Thanks to everyone for your comments of encouragement and understanding regarding Taylor. She came home last night. There is still a lot we don't know. After the cast is removed (1 month) tests and therapy will start.
Amanda, your blog brought bearings to the beginning of Taylor's journey and those that love her. I'm sure we will visit it often.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steady Wheel

A week or two ago Amy attributed a good ride, in part, to a steady wheel.
The lowest barometric pressure ever for Minnesota was recorded today. The storm that caused this dramatic drop produced winds in excess of 50 mph. Tree branches littered the paths, and the wind funneling through every open space was like taking a right cross from a pro boxer.
I was out in it. I needed to practice the art of providing a steady wheel. I stayed up. I anticipated the windy blows, bobbed and weaved around the branches, and avoided sliding on slippery wet leaves. 20/15.2
The hospital room was dark keeping things calm so she could rest. Her mom was at the crib side, finger in her baby's 10 month old, clenched, tiny fist. Dad was laying down, eyes closed, but not sleeping. None of them had slept for the last 24 hours. Every whimper was immediately soothed by a caressing hand to her small forehead or chubby cheek.
The doctors said she has a genetic bone disorder. The slightest jolt can cause a bone to break. They found her femur broken and two other fractures in her legs that had already started to heal. The pink cast from the tip of her toes to just above her round little belly was the start to healing the fractures. A steady wheel is needed to navigate through the challenging weather ahead. Ethan, my son, as I was leaving the Gillette Children's Hospital room, said, life is going to be totally different now. I looked at him, right in the eyes, hugged him and told him that I loved him. I didn't see fear or self-pity. I saw acceptance, commitment, understanding, responsibility and above all love for his family....a steady wheel.
This morning my 10 month old grand daughter, Taylor, was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta.

Monday, October 25, 2010

More Wet

Lots of soggy, wet, slippery leaves on the trails. Called on the Evil One. Next couple of days could be challenging. High wind warnings out along with rain. Yippiee! 32/17.0

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Got out with some teammates on a cool, drizzly, foggy, wet ride today. Glasses didn't do much good as the surrounding weather accumulated on my lenses. The gray mist was beautiful as it laid low over Lake Minnetonka, and subtle images of the last colors of fall appeared as hazy hallucinations hanging over the water from the shore. Geese resting on the boundary-less water anticipating their escape and the long flight from the frozen forthcoming grasp of winter. And friends...all of this with friends. Thanks Greg, Ellen, Paula, Collin, Mike and Amy. 43/18.1

Speaking of friends, got over to a party last night with the team. Beer, food, wine, laughs and a great bonfire. Life is good!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magic Fender

Seventy percent chance of rain, so I attached my magic fender, and just for some extra luck, threw on tights and a vest to keep me warm and dry. I was expecting a wet cold ride. Last time I rode with this fender it didn't rain a drop, and once again the magic came through for me...not a drop of rain. The sun even came out along Lake Waconia.
Met Paula and Mike in Wayzata and we pedaled down along the Dakota trail to St. Bonifacious. This is an abandoned railway that is now paved for cyclists. Once to St. Bonni we saw that the trail was closed, as expected, but, asphalt was down. Time to ignore the signs. This trail will eventually go all the way to Hutchinson. It is a cyclists paradise, with beautiful rural landscapes, birds, easy grades, and once past St. Bonni, very few stops. We rode for another 5 or 10 miles until the asphalt ended at a marsh.

What a wonderful ride. Expecting rain and cold, but getting dry and warm made it even more spectacular. Riding on a trail we hadn't been on before just added to the delight. We were definitely moving at scenery pace, and had to navigate parts of the trail that weren't completed yet, but wow...71/17.1

Friday, October 22, 2010

Four Lake Ride And Way Too Much Fun With My Camera

Hoards of people out enjoying the last 70 degree day of the season. Stop and slow for me tonight. 15/13.3

Hard to find words to describe what I saw tonight with my camera.

Lake Harriet

Lake Calhoun

I like my sunsets dark and foreboding.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Uh Oh

Even with the sunshine it's staying cool now. Looks like the string of glorious riding days are coming to an end. Rain is in the forecast for Saturday and there's even talk of snow towards the end of next week. But, living in the moment, which I like to do, it was another beautiful day to ride. 30/17.4

This morning contrails were left to create some feathery wings in the sky.

This evening the sun colored a blue sky orange and white clouds turned yellow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hold On Tight

Big wind made a whirlwind of leaves laugh across the trails and paths, on this evening's ride. Gusts up to 30mph. Heading east was a blast, west not so much. 31/17.2


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Race Spectating

Wound up having a lot of work for business today. Of course, it was the day I wanted to get an early ride in so I could get over to watch a cyclecross race tonight.
Had to work hard, smart and fast (I hate that) and got home with time for a ride, before the race. Another cool day, but what should I be expecting for October. Saw lots of friends and had a nice time spectating. I don't miss racing at all, even when I go watch. My mind is filled with thoughts like, that looks hard, and oh, that's gotta hurt. My nice easy, comfortable, flat, smooth ride tonight? 30/17.7

Here's Some Of My Shots From Tonight's Racing Action

Monday, October 18, 2010


Another delightful day to ride. Light is definitely waning. If I want to ride in daylight I need to be on the bike no later than 4:00 now. I need to start cutting the miles, I'm getting tired and it's late in the season. 30/17.0
About a month ago the sun's setting position on the horizon came into view from my balcony. I will enjoy the view now through March or so. This is what I saw tonight.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Glory

Six of us today. We were moving along a little quicker than I anticipated, or wanted for a Sunday. A couple of guys hadn't ridden yesterday, so they were a bit more motivated than me.
Just a perfect early September day in mid-October. Wind was non-existent compared to yesterday. Temps in the 50's.
Good company, fun conversation, laughs and a pretty good effort made for another great October ride.
Thanks to Ellen, Stephanie, Amy, Mike and Stephen. Good times. 50/18.9

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Can't say it any clearer, it simply doesn't get any better than this. Incredible weather for October in Minnesota, and the forecast is that it will stay like this through next weekend. Thank you!
We left at 9 with no wind. That ended at about 9:15. It was like someone flipped the switch in the wind tunnel. We got out past Wayzata where there is little cover and we had a consistent onslaught of 20mph wind in the face.
Hanover (40 miles) was the turn that got the wind at our backs. Heaven.
We were in Delano eating HoHos and Cheesy Crackers in no time.
Wide shoulders, smooth roads and no hills to speak of. Just sweet.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The departure temp was 49. Got home to a temp of 62. Amy was dressed like this. I had on knickers, hat, long-sleeved jersey and a vest. I gotta ttfu.

I got in 82/19.1. Amy got in 92/19.5. I gotta ttfu.

Homemade pizza tonight. First I made the sauce.
2 plum tomatoes, a little red bell pepper, some onion, garlic and basil, just a touch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar, with a couple of tablespoons of red wine. Cook at 475 degrees while the oven and pizza stone are heating up. At least a half hour.
Puree in blender
Dough has risen for about 45 minutes. Stretch out and place on peel.

Add sauce



More red bell peppers

Off the peel and on to the hot stone.

Oh Yeah! Me, beer, pizza, TV all after a fantastic 80 miles in the saddle.

Life is very good!