Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cold Wet and Long

Bundled the old hairy body into what seemed like way too many layers for early May. Also included a little waterproofing on the feet and hands. Departure temp was 35 and it was raining. The good news? The rain was ending and all we had to contend with was wet roads. About 10 miles into the ride I flatted. Yeah, it was turning into one of THOSE rides.
I was worried that I'd over dressed, but after stopping to fix the flat I wasn't worried any more.
Gabrielle and Rachel are not veterans to long rides. Until today, Gabrielle's max was 60 miles and Rachel's maybe 70. They toughed out an 85 miler and it was not easy for them.
Cold, wet and long....They did really good. Very impressive! 85/17.6

Near Mayer On The Dakota Rail Trail

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