Saturday, May 18, 2013

Waiting Impatiently

Thunder and lightning to start the day....wait....wait...bored. What do other people do on Saturday mornings? God, TV sucks. Eat more.
Finally the lull we've been waiting for. Roads are wet and it's 55 degrees. It's suppose to get to 85 with a ton of humidity. How do you dress for that?
Just Amy and me. A quick stop to take off some clothing. Working a head wind of about 15 mph for 30 miles. Made the westerly turn for Jordan and life got real good real fast. Tailwind made the lush spring green even more beautiful. Saw turtles, new born calfs, pony all sorts of spring signs. Had to be back home by 4, so Belle Plaine wasn't achieved today.
Amy's watts were so high she broke a spoke. 73/18.7

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tainterturtles said...

We didn't have the thunder & lightening in the am, just rain, rain, rain. Glad you and Amy could still ride today.