Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cycling All Day

Actually felt good on the bike today...first time in, what seems like, a long time.
Bunch of people showed up, which is great. We rode Amy's favorite route, it is her birthday weekend after all. She wound up kicking some very young butt today. I think that was a nice birthday present for her.
Clouds cleared up pretty quick. The roads were a little wet when we left, but were dry in very little time. Turned into a windy, but pretty day. Got some TDF watching in with Penny tonight. The day was all about biking. Nice!
I've been complaining about my diminishing riding abilities. Here are a few of the ways I've been changing my riding to accommodate the limits of my aging body:
Slower ramp up to cruising speed.
Quick bursts have been significantly reduced.
Hills are taken at 65-70% effort instead of 80-85% and I take more of the hill in the saddle, especially just before the crest.
I rarely exert above 85% effort.
Small chain ring is used more often into the wind and on steep ascents.
I've simply cut back on the miles I ride.
I ride much slower during the week.
I put in one hard effort a week.80/20.1

At about the 75 mile mark. Just finishing up the ride along the greenway.

New White Shoes For The Old Hairy Feet

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