Saturday, June 22, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

Power didn't come on all night...hard to sleep. Milk for morning cereal was cool, not cold.
Amy, Steven, Taylor, Heather and Doug showed. To get out of town we had to dismount a couple of times to get around downed trees. Last night's storms left quite the mess.
A really nice ride. Just great cyclists, and people, to ride with. We took an easier route to Belle Plaine, and just had a "let's ride" attitude, which I'm a big fan of lately. There was the threat of rain, but Amy had her rear fender on to protect us from that chance materializing.
Still no power when I got home, but it came back on around 9pm tonight. Any romantic ideas I've ever had of roughin' it in a backwoods cabin were effectively squashed over the last 24 hours. 85/19.7

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