Saturday, August 31, 2013


At about the 50 mile mark we were averaging 19.2. I was happy with that. Steven suggested we try for a hammer, and Gabrielle quickly seconded his proposal. I'm getting too old for this.

Ventured out on a route I haven't done for 5 years. Lookin' for a change of pace. Best description of this route is; flat with lots of corn. I remembered why I hadn't done it in so long. Kind of boring, but it was great to be out with Gabrielle and Steven too.

Steven worked hard today taking quite a few nice long pulls.
Wasn't a cloud in the sky and it got hot.
I've been experiencing lots of new things as I age. Today's plague was leg cramps. I never cramp up. Glutes and hams were giving me fits for the last 50 miles. Drank more and tried to stretch as much as I could on the bike. Steven got a flat with about 25 miles to go. While he put in a new tube, all I did was stretch. This really helped, and the cramping ended.
We worked very hard, but came up .1 mph short of making this a hammer. Lots of salt accumulation on the old hairy shorts today.
A good, good hard ride, with a great effort put in by Steven and Gabrielle. 101/19.9


tainterturtles said...

Good job today. I'm so impressed with Gabrielle and all the miles she is riding.

mrbill said...

Come on Tom, don't be so technical, that was a hammer, Gabrielle is doing great, it's all in the Genes, that's what Jerry says.