Saturday, August 3, 2013

Took A Crack At It

Another century. With the problems, of bonking and being so tired this year, I've decided I need to get back to the basics of my cycling regime. Today was my fourth century of the year. I got two in last year. I got a hammer in this year and came real close again today. Last year no hammers. I hope to get in two more centuries by mid September. I'm going to start adding a few more miles on my Tuesday and Thursday rides. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive to be adding miles when I'm so tired, but I'm tired at 80 miles and I even bonk at the 85 mile mark. If I get in some centuries, even if they are slow, I figure I'll build up enough endurance to at least not bonk at 85 miles.
I'll keep you posted on how it works, so far, so good.
Amy, Gabrielle, Steven and Brian today. Only one flat at about the 45 mile point, irritating, but not bad for 5 of us times 100 miles.
Just perfect weather, I've got really good friends, and I was riding with my daughter. I felt stronger as the ride progressed, but at about 85 miles I could feel the energy oozing out. Amy said, my shoulders were rolling and my head was dropping. She was right, and I told her I was tired.
I wasn't interested in giving in. I wanted to break through the bonk. I fought it.
At Delano (1/2 way) we were averaging 19mph. At Excelsior we were at 19.7 with about 20 miles to go. Got home with a 19.9 average. I was disappointed, but I couldn't put out any more. I was up front for the entire 100 miles. Coming in with that average is pretty damn good.
Great friends, great weather, great scenery = great (hard) ride. 100/19.9

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mrbill said...

Tom, your doing great, loving the pics but remember, "You can't fight Mother Nature," but I'm sure you'll give it your best effort.