Sunday, December 8, 2013

City Ride

20 degrees warmer than yesterday and it is still plenty cold. Trails are in good shape, but have been plowed down to hard pack/ice. Today we had light snow all day, which covered up any evidence of what lay beneath. I opted to put new studs on Evil, he was due, and venture out. About an inch of powder over the hard pack/ice kept me guessing a little, but the studs grabbed into the ice and held on tight.
With the cold and my mileage goal met, I have to admit I'm taking things pretty easy, but don't worry, I'll be out there everyday (except Fridays) 'til the end of the year. Too close to stop now. 23/??

Over The Mississippi

Target Field (Twins Stadium)

Box Cars and Railroad Ties Along The Cedar Lake Trail


Ice Accumulations (looking forward to some hot chocolate)

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