Saturday, January 4, 2014

Before The Cold

Wanted to get out and get in some miles, before it gets cold. We may be setting some records here, and that's not easy to do, when it comes to cold.
Four of us. I just wanted to stay on the trails and mosey along. It was all about mosey today. Beast was well behaved, and the new camera clamp worked well, but the cold took the batteries out of action. Got a couple of pics, but the camera would never go into video mode, because there wasn't enough juice in the battery.
Out there for 3hrs and 45min, sun was shinning, Amy was there, and despite the warnings the temps and wind chills stayed in the double digits.

Amy, Barb and Bruce

Minnehaha Falls

Not Quite as Much Ice as The Falls

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tainterturtles said...

Glad you could get out for a ride. I'm sure you felt great, especially riding with friends.