Friday, January 3, 2014

So Far

Three days off the bike, two days in the gym and, hey....I'm feeling pretty good. I gotta admit this is a little scary for me. Who'd have thought that a new year resolution to do less would be scarier/harder than a resolution to do more. -3.8

Did some work on the Beast tonight. Repaired a flat rear tire and put together a handlebar mount for my camera. I got the idea when I was considering a GoPro purchase for Christmas. I don't plan on using it enough to justify the expense, and the mounts don't come cheap either. Here's a link I found for a DIY mount, along with some of my own pics of parts and the finished product. The point and shoot I already had and rarely use. It's got an easy to use movie mode. I'll test it out tomorrow.

Erik's Bike gave me the reflector mount for free.
Parts cost less than $5.00. It'll be bumpy on the trails tomorrow, so I'll feel lucky if the camera doesn't fall off and get lost in a snow bank.

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StevenCX said...

After that flops around, you'll want to consider this (the "universal" not the GoPro version for your camera). Quite a bit more than $5, but the only way to get good movies on the bike.