Saturday, October 13, 2012

Always A Pleasure

Two of the best riding partners you'll ever find started out, on what was suppose to be a rain filled day, with dry roads and relatively warm temps. A bit of a rush at our good fortune had us chatting and catching up on all the gossip and happenings of the past week. Well that didn't last long. My rain jacket works well, when I bring it the rain stays in the clouds. Amy's rain jacket doesn't work so well. When she brings it the rain sneaks up on you and catches you at your furthest point from home.

This really didn't dampen our spirits much. Our bikes and gear served us well. We stayed warm enough, and once the rain started, we just kept on riding non-stop pleased that even a rainy day couldn't keep us from enjoying the company, scenery, conversation and pleasure that we've come to expect every Saturday morning at 9AM.

Once we got to Mayer we turned onto the Dakota Rail Trail and rode that all the way into Wayzata. I was surprised to still see fall colors hanging over the trail creating, at times, tunnels of muted wet golds, reds and yellows. Very nice. 75/17.8 (Amy put in almost 90 miles)

Just North Of Mayer

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tainterturtles said...

I am so impressed with your ride. You two are as tough as nails!!!!