Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Geez, it got cold fast today. Just another easy 20 in today.
This is the time fall colors are usually peaking. I think this year they peaked about two weeks ago. Still some color out there, but a lot of it is on the ground now. 20/15.6


mrbill said...

Hello Tom,

Thanks for the message.
The shot did give me some relief. I'm now waiting for the Spinal Meningitis to sit in, ha,Ha I hope.
I went over my MRI with a Neuro Surgeon and he said he didn't see any major problems, fine for my age, I hate it when they say that.
I now believe it's probably muscle damage, from kicking my head back both at work and on the bike, you know how it is, just can't stay off the bike.
I'm going to see my local doctor today and get his opinon on matters, maybe a steroid shot or steroid meds, not sure, really not a med person.
My option is a recumbent but I feel about them as you probably do, I hate for people to be constantly looking down at me, hard to join the group, but we do what we have to do, play the hand we're dealt.
I'm not in to much pain, mostly discomfort. I know that muscles take quite a while to heal, when skydiving I had a hard opening and pulled some muscles in my back, seemed like it took nearly a year for them to get better, but I was working at the same time.
So as we know, things could be a lot worse, really only a temporary setback I hope.
I sure would enjoy meeting you and DaveyGie, who knows maybe next summer I'll take a drive north, would really enjoy it.

Take care Tom
and thanks again for checking in

tainterturtles said...

Your right, it is getting cool fast. I think the wind is just making everything feel colder. We still have a little color, but it's fading fast.