Saturday, December 8, 2012


Kind of have the bah humbugs about winter, and particularly snow, this year. I liked last years lack of frozen liquid. I was not happy to be getting out in it this morning, which explains how over dressed I was. Within a couple of miles we passed a group of cyclists, then another, all waving and seemingly in good spirits. Hmph!
I was actually a little warm, and I was enjoying talking to my friends, then the sun came...well that sure messed up my bad attitude.
The new snow did what it always does, which is add a newness and freshness to the landscape. Combine that with the sun and a brightness is created that cheers even the most scroogy of Scrooges.
I lost my bahs and humbugs both before we made to Excelsior.

An out and back to Victoria along a crushed limestone trail, with Amy, Steven and Jen. Very Nice!

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