Saturday, December 15, 2012

Better Than I Thought

Probably the most difficult weather conditions for staying warm when cycling is not 25 degrees below or 100 above. Those are easier to prepare for than a 35 degree rain. This wasn't drizzle, or sprinkles, this was rain. I decided to try out rain proof pants under which I wore my lightest tights. A long-sleeved jersey, a hooded base layer, and a waterproof rain cape over that covered my upper body. Lake cycling boots and one pair of wool socks for feet, warmest gloves and liners for my hands. I placed a cap, hood and a Gore covered helmet on the old hairless head. This all worked really well. The gear kept the 35 degree water out, and, even though my gear caused me to sweat, that was significantly warmer than what was falling on me.
Trails were very slushy at first, but the rain just kept on washing away at it and they started to clear up nicely after about an hour. Evil performed perfectly. That bike will do anything, slush, rain, ice, snow...
Only saw a few runners out, and, as is typical when the weather is at its worst, we were all giving each other head nods, thumbs-up, and very friendly hi's.
Ride turned out much better than I thought it would. 39 miles, just a little over 3 hours of saddle time and averaged 12.5 mph. I'll take this over the gym every time.

Low Rain Clouds Over Minneapolis

Cedar Lake Is Melting

Trails Are Clearing

Love The Rain Accumulation On The Bottom Of My Glasses


tainterturtles said...

You are absolutely right. Just something about being outside and taking in the elements. I was one of those runners out in the wet mist this afternoon....but I loved it!

I'm glad you enjoyed your wet ride today.

mrbil said...

Tom, you're an animal, 35deg w/rain sounds like reading weather