Wednesday, January 30, 2013


January has had its fun, and proven that winter does still exist. Point taken, now let's be done with it. Another below zero wind chill ride, and the Twin Cities only had half as much temperature as yesterday.
Because all of yesterday's thawing is now as hard as, and is ice, I took the Beast out today. Its two inch wide tires full of studs were hard for the old hairy legs to push, but it was like the ice wasn't even there. I also felt safe and secure with its lower center of gravity on the 26ers.
Power is out here now, so I'm using my bike light, which is still hooked up to the Beast, to light up my place. Kind of a two-for. 20/12.9
The Beast Is Great


tainterturtles said...

The Beast is a great looking bike.

No electricity? I thought that only happens to us country folk!!!

mrbill said...

and looks good too, hope you don't have to get out the camp stove