Saturday, January 19, 2013


Gotta admit I was more than a bit concerned about the weather forecast. Wind gusts of 50mph with sustained winds over 30 and temps dropping throughout the day. The change came later than predicted and the four of us enjoyed temps near 40. I was over dressed, but felt like we kind of stole one from Mother Nature....I know, I know....we'll pay for it.
A bit of work to get to Excelsior, 'cause the wind was blowing, but after Excelsior we were chatting away, enjoying the sun, tailwind and warm January temps. 51/?? (Rode Frankenbike. He did good!)
Change came around 4pm. Wind from the NW and cold. It's now 4 degrees.
Guys Night Out! Bryson, Elijah, Ethan and Me on the TOWN! Look Out!
Actually it was Millionaire Monopoly, Lego Land and Famous Dave's. Lots of Fun!

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