Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back At It

Pretty simple - we just rode. We got on our road bikes and rode. All the things I love about riding the road were there today: the crispness of the ride, feeling the texture of the road through my bike, the immediate response of the bike to whatever I did, its quickness, its ease. Less bike more sense.

As much as I wanted to ride, my limits were obvious. The seemingly long winter has set the cardio and old hairy quads back a bit, and the desire to do more yielded frustration that I couldn't. Nevertheless, I was pleased to ride with my friends and thrilled to be on a road bike. 71 /17.2

Steven, Amy and Me (amy is a little shy)

Been Awhile Since We Rode Into Delano

 Road Tire, Road Wheels, Road Pedals, Road Bike

Road Saddle

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