Saturday, March 30, 2013

So Nice

Thunder, lightning and rain turned into a sunny, 50+ degree ride. About 7 of us turned out just as the rain was ending. Wet roads, lots of sloppy all started to dry up by the time we got to Excelsior (about 15 miles). Feeling pretty confident that the day was only going to get better, I ran through our ride options, with Amy, the boss. She gave the OK to proceed with the longest ride option. The ride just kept on getting better and better, and layers were shedding fast into jersey pockets. I found myself sighing at the sight of farm fields coming out from under the cover of snow. Winter's ice was losing its grip on the Crow River, the sky was a hazy blue, and the sun was working at drying up the roads. Perfect, just a perfect early spring ride. 76/17.5

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tainterturtles said...

Great photos....and a great ride too. Congratulations on 76 miles.