Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coating of Ice

It started last night, the freezing rain. When it was finished there was a nice shiny layer of about a quarter inch to start our ride on this morning.
Charles, Amy and I decided to take it on. The main roads had been salted and were relatively clear, but the ice was not releasing its grip on the side roads. We tipped toed, if you can do that on a bike, to Cedar Lake Road, where, even with a 20 degree temp, the road was just wet. A cold north wind mixed with a bright sun to give us that famous Minnesota juxtaposition of beauty and biting wind chill.
Shortly into the ride, on Cedar Lake Road, a car turned into us and cut off our right-of-way. Charles hit the car hard in the passenger door. He went down and the car kept on going. Amy chased the car trying to get a license plate, I stayed with Charles. He and his bike were just fine. Charles turned a direct hit into a glancing blow by turning his bike at the last second. He is very tough, having just completed the Arrowhead 150 a few weeks back. Got up off the pavement, spun the wheels on his bike, squeezed the brake levers, remounted his bike, and we went to find Amy. She hadn't been able to get the plate number, so we just kept on riding.
Like I said, it was very pretty out today and we appreciated the warm March sun on our backs easing the single digit wind chill. I was on Evil with studs. He performed great. 60/15.9

The cold and wet were perfect for creating a lot of ice build up.


StevenCX said...

Hopefully a police report was filed!

tainterturtles said...

Geez, that's awful. I'm glad Charles was ok. Looks like you need to keep those studs handy!