Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Like Rain Rides

One of those rides that makes me remember my frailty.
Started with Amy and Gabrielle, both of which had to cut it short, but it was great to see them.
It was sprinkling, but warm. I got to Excelsior, about 15 miles and was on my own. I had a jacket with me, but even though I was already soaked through, it wasn't needed.
The trees and sumac appeared to appreciate the water, they seemed to be reaching up, kind of stretching their limbs to get more. Dry dust had been washed away and the colors of fall were freed.
Rain picked up, and so did the wind...still plenty comfortable.
A little after St Bonni, so quickly I was a bit startled, the temp dropped and the wind changed direction. Hands were the first to notice the difference. I decided to pick up the pace a bit to keep the body temp up.
Mayer was only a few miles west and the wind wouldn't be in my face. Rain was still comin' down pretty good.
Watertown was the planned stop, but I wasn't hungry, and I feared the stop would chill me. There's a bit of a hill coming out of Watertown, but I wasn't warmer at its crest. Decided the jacket was needed, the temp had dropped a lot and I had a tail wind...the old hairy body wasn't staying warm on its own. Jacket was perfect.
With the tail wind I could hear the hum of the tires. My speed must have been matching the wind speed.
Stayed warm for the entire ride and was grateful that I was prepared. Cycling has always made me aware of how vulnerable I am to changing conditions. This brings about a gratitude for the simple things like a jacket. Cycling is an amazing teacher. 72/18.1

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tainterturtles said...

Awwwh, the simple things in life....a jacket. Glad you enjoyed a wet ride. Hope your feet were warm. Smartwool socks???