Saturday, September 7, 2013

Long Heat

Another hot one. I think the high was 94 and the dew point was near 70.
End of the season brings some reason to riding. Kind of got all the stuff accomplished that I could, and now it's time to give the old hairy body a rest. So that, of course, means another hundred, just a little slower.
You know with age comes some wisdom, one hopes. At about the 70 mile mark we hopped on the Dakota Rail Trail, and enjoyed some nice stretches of cool shade, flatness, wind breaks from the trees, and no cars. It ain't rocket science.
I sure enjoy riding my bike. I'm lucky to have some nice friends to ride with. 98/18.8

Started Out with 7 Of Us

Roamed Around Rural Roads

Dakota Rail Trail

Lake Minnetonka Looked Inviting

Whittled Down To Just Brian, Steven and Me

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