Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Still Cold

Another cold ride. 20/14.9
I've been trying out new recipes. What that means is I just throw some stuff together and see how it turns out. I kind of make 'em up out of stuff that I like. So I tried a new concoction tonight.

Sorry I don't do real good with measuring the ingredients. I just throw 'em in there.
The ingredients are:
Wild Rice
Sweet Potatoes
Black Beans
Green Onions
I boiled the wild rice for awhile, then threw in the macaroni, cut up sweet potatoes, and asparagus, and boiled it all together 'til it looked kind of done. Drained off the water, added canned black beans, the green onions and salted to taste.
Can't say much for my presentation, but it sure tasted good.


tainterturtles said...

Nice, I like your choice of ingredients....nothing processed. Good for you Tom!

mrbill said...

Nutritious and Delicious, I must be doing something right, I had most of those ingredients today, just not all in one dish, I guess my invitation to lunch was lost in the mail.