Saturday, October 19, 2013

Times Are A Changin'

A bit on the harsh side out there today. I shouldn't complain, but maybe ramping down into winter instead of dropping off a cliff would be a little easier to take.
Five of us started out and only two finished. Rain and 37 degrees to start the ride got everyone cold fast. Roads dried after Wayzata. Sun even made intermittent appearances, but it was too little too late. Three had already turned for home. I stayed dry, warm and toasty for 73 miles and beat the sleet home. It turned out to be a pretty nice ride for me. I got lucky and got the clothes right.
Change of season requires changing recovery drink to Hot Cocoa, with a little coconut flavored rum. 73/17.5

Waterproof and insulated booties made by Endura helped keep my feet warm.

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tainterturtles said...

I thought about all you riders yesterday when I woke up. Nice warm booties.

One of these days I need to try your recovery drink...of course after I ride 73 miles in snow, sleet or rain!!!