Saturday, October 12, 2013

Winds of Change

Haven't ridden with Amy for a few weeks now, so today it was just the two of us trying to get back to normal. I think we made progress.

Wind was pretty stiff out of the west, so being the lazy rider I am, we took the Dakota Trail out to Mayer. Pretty flat and most of it is tree lined, which helped to mitigate the effects of the wind, for us. Then a turn north up to Watertown, then the turn east and tailwind! Amy has a watt meter on her computer, and saw that we were doing 23mph while putting out 8 watts. We were not going down hill either. Now that's some wind, and the way we should always be riding.
Lots of clouds and it was cool...21 degrees cooler than yesterday. Looks like temps in the 70's are over, for the next 6 months. 75/17.2

Colors may have peaked, but it was still beautiful, and great to be riding with Amy.

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