Saturday, November 9, 2013

Solo Saturday

The old hairy body started complaining right away. Somebody had to, Amy wasn't there. Don't tell her, but I missed her.
Windy as hell. Wasn't pushin' it, just took what the legs would give. Thirty-five miles head-on into it. Winds were averaging 20mph. Me? about 15mph, so basically I was going backwards.
In these kind of conditions I just concentrate on form, nice consistent pedal strokes, elbows in, knees in, stay low. Paying attention to that stuff keeps my mind off the wind.
Finally made it to Mayer and turned North. I had to lean West. Once to Watertown, and after a Snickers Bar, I could hear the tires on the asphalt....I love that sound.

Cold, windy, gray day, with the beautiful Fall colors all gone, only lead, copper and brown remain.
It's that time of year when any road ride is a good ride. 73/16.8

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tainterturtles said...

Great photos. Amy owes you big time!