Saturday, November 30, 2013

Some People

Took it easy today. Felt as good as I have in a week. Rode with Amy, Gabrielle and Collin. I got in 55 miles.
With about 10 miles to go we came to an intersection with a stop light. I moved along the right side of the cars that were waiting at the light. As I pulled near to the light it turned green. The car next to me, which had buzzed us about 100 yards back, and could plainly see me now (I was about even with his front wheel), turned into me, and we were not at the intersection. It is my feeling that it was on purpose due to his previous actions. I leaned into the car to avoid going down. He continued to drive and I stayed up as his doors, door handles, and fenders slid along my left side. When the entire car passed me I went down, because I was leaning into the car to avoid being pushed over and off the road, and now there was nothing to lean against. I was only slightly bruised on my elbow and hip, bike is ok, no ripped clothing, but I do have a little road rash. I tried to get a plate number, but it was to far away. Gabrielle tried to chase the car down on her bike.
It still amazes me that getting somewhere is so important to some that they do not regard the damage that could be done to others. 55/15.7 and a little stiff and sore.

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tainterturtles said...

Geez Tom, I'm sure glad you are ok, but can't believe this driver. Be careful out there.