Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Cool

Just Gabrielle and me today. The temp was twice as warm when we left as it was yesterday. The south wind got the temp up to 16 degrees, but made us feel our cadences. Bright sun and wonderful company made this another delightful ride, despite the slow leak in my front tire at about 20 miles. I didn't want to stop in the cold, we were on our road bikes, so I nursed the leak all the way home...didn't have to stop.
As Gabrielle and I were talking about dealing with and dressing for the cold, I told her, "I really didn't teach you how to race and ride, I just taught you to suffer more." She laughed at that, but didn't disagree, and I think I even noticed a nod of the head in agreement.
Low miles this weekend, but good ride time for how cold it was. 36/15.8

Elijah's birthday celebration tonight. He's 11. Great seeing all the grandlumps.

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