Sunday, February 10, 2013

Riders On The Storm

When I left to meet Amy and Jen, there was about half an inch of crunchy ice crystals on the greenway and a stiff east breeze of 15 mph in my face. Turnin' the Beast's crank was no easy 6 mile task to the Cafe, or the rest of the ride, for that matter. Although the ice on the trail was the consistency of wet sand, and was pretty hard to roll through, there was no traction problem for the entire 30 mile ride. Nokian studded 26ers rock and roll, albeit slow.
Various forms of precipitation never stopped falling from the low hanging clouds. Pin prick ice daggers, rain, huge snow flakes and sleet were all a part of Mother Nature's tantrum. Not being able to make up its mind, my rain cape would freeze then in 15 minutes turn soft and wet over and over again.
Once I found a good rpm rhythm that kept me on top of the gears, I settled into tolerating the bi-polar personality of the storm, and was able to ignore its fits of temper. Amy and Jen navigated the storm's wrath without issue, being the pros they are.
Gotta be a little nuts yourself to venture out, on a bike, in weather like this, but there are rewards. The two that I like the best are being able to say, I did it, and then, of course, what I see. 30/10.7

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mrbill said...

"Gotta be a little nuts," some folks might think more than a little, not for a Tx boy