Saturday, February 9, 2013

What It's About

After too many days of riding the Beast, the freedom felt from being on a road bike was exhilarating. I kind of expected more riders to show, with the moderate temps, but it wound up just being Amy and me, for our usual 50 winter Saturday miles. Very nice!
I was surprised by how responsive Frankenbike felt compared to the Beast, I know I shouldn't have been. I'd get out of the saddle this past week, on the Beast, and it was like the effort hadn't even happened. Today, out of the saddle, I could feel progress and a change in velocity. Amy said, that was her pushing me.
Cloudy all day, but temps were in the upper 20s, so we were quite comfortable.
A really good friend, a pretty route around Lake Minnetonka, bearable temps, road bikes, fun conversation - you know the math - equals a really good ride. 50/15.2

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MrDaveyGie said...

yeap, sure do agree..