Saturday, April 27, 2013

As Good As It Gets

Amy put it best on Facebook: "Every Saturday we go out, hoping to have that perfect ride, the one you remember all winter and on every rainy day and on every bad day. Today we got it."
I was on the fast good lookin' bike, first time this year and easily the first time since November. I've got really good bikes, but my Orca is...the hum of the tires is perfect, it's light, confident in corners, descends and climbs with ease, it communicates the road surface to me. Can you tell I've missed my Orbea?
Perfect weather with light winds and solid blue sky. First time this year for globbing on the sunscreen.
Rode with great friends; Amy, Greg, Steven and John. Dan, Denise and Boyd joined us for a while too.
Upon pulling into Belle Plaine Amy said, "we're in Belle Plaine already?" It was that kind of ride. Minnesota is not out of trouble yet, because of the shitty April Weather, but after today we may be on speaking terms again. 85/19.6

If you remember last weeks ride pics, the fields were covered with snow.


tainterturtles said...

The late April sunshine really does make a difference as the snow is melting very fast.

Looks like an excellent ride today, with good company too!

mrbill said...

Sounds like the perfect ride. It's starting to look a bit like Tx up there, no white, enjoy.