Sunday, April 7, 2013


Saying good riddance to winter, and getting back to the rides of spring, summer and fall. An eighty miler yesterday and 50 today, with respectable speeds, on a fender-less road bike is a very good sign. 50/16.0

The snow is gone and the lakes, creeks and rivers are losing their ice. It's nice to see earth, dirt, brush, and leaves. Snow has quit clinging to branches and boughs, and the smell of dampness, thawing and farm fields has been released from the frozen death of winter back into the breathable life of spring air.
It's been a reluctant transition. I'm not sure which is at fault, winter for not giving in to the inevitable, or spring for not really trying, but wherever the blame lies reason, time, and seasonal tradition has brought about the hope that spring is. The delight of long rides, late sunsets, barbeques, evening walks, rose garden blooms, picnics on the shore, and concerts at the Lake Harriet band shell all await.

Very Nice Ride With Amy

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tainterturtles said...

Sounds like a nice ride today.

Unfortunately, we still have lots of snow in our yard. I'm guessing it will be several weeks before it's all gone.