Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good Sunday

I'll ride in anything, I guess. Pretty worn out from yesterday. A couple of windy wet days in row. You'd think with the wind out of the west Saturday and out of the east today it could add up to a windless day, but no such luck. More snow, rain, sleet, ice....what are you gonna do? Yep! Ride in it.
Starting Out

St Paul With The Cathedral, Capitol and Downtown Along The Mississippi

Wet Pavement Reflection

Kids and Grandlumps Came Over For Gabrielle's Birthday Celebration.
Very Nice. I Really Got It Good!


Elijah and Bryson

Makenna Helping Gabrielle Open Her Cards

Britney Doing Kelsey's Hair

Penny and Aubrey

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mrbill said...

looks like a great day, except the weather, a good looking group!