Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rather Not

Just Amy and me for 80 miles.
I was pretty frustrated. Everything was hard. I just wasn't getting on top of the gears, and rode the first 45 miles in the small ring. Wet, sloppy, even snow, ice build up on both derailleurs, and my toes were cold. This would have been heaven in January, but it's mid April.
The roads did start to dry out and the hard got much easier once we weren't heading into the 15 mile an hour headwind. Let me tell you, tailwind is the only way to go.
Riding with Amy is always great, but today's ride was just plain unpleasant, nevertheless, I was out, on a road bike, and I got in 80 miles, with Amy. 78/17.0


mrbill said...

All rides are fun, sounds like this ride was little fun, hope for Blue Skies and dry roads for yall.

tainterturtles said...

I'm amazed you put in 80 miles with snow and freezing rain happening. Good job Tom, and I bet the hot shower felt really good.